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  • All Covid 19 health and safety restrictions have now been removed, except for wearing masks when visiting health, disability and aged care facilities. Mask wearing is now voluntary, so please be considerate of those who still prefer to use them.

  • The Wellington Film Society, Monday 26 September, 6.15pm at the Embassy: YOU WILL DIE AT 20 (Amjad Abu Alala, France/Sudan 2019). Sudanese filmmaker Amjad Abu Alala's beautifully realised fable of a child living with the knowledge his life will end the moment he becomes an adult is a coming-of-age tale like no other. Beautifully composed and boasting the kind of sensitivity to light sources and color tonalities usually ascribed to top photographers, the film lovingly depicts the remote east-central region of Sudan as a quasi-magical place of sand, sky and the colors of the Nile... a touching, nonjudgmental depiction of people circumscribed by superstition. - Jay Weissberg, Variety.
  • Anyone can join the Film Society at any time on line.

  • Film Festivals to note:
    Show Me Shorts 2022, Lighthouse Cuba 14 - 26 October. See the details in the link. Bookings are also available there.
    Cinema Italian Festival 2022, Empire 2 - 17 November.
  • If you have a festival due to run in Wellington and it's not listed here, contact the Cinemaster.

    This site relies on the various cinemas having their own websites up to date to access their screening times. The paragraphs describing the films starting this week are in most cases adapted from the linked reviews.

    For comments and movie news, contact the Cinemaster at

    s t a r t s   t h i s   w e e k!

    AVATAR [2009] - The original film back in cinemas for a couple of weeks before the The Way Of Water hits the screens in December. Some screenings in 3D. Also Roxy, Lighthouse, Readings, Monterey and Coastlands.

    JEEPEERS CREEPERS: REBORN - A good entry point into the series, which was probably the goal for the series post-original director Victor Salva. It will not shock or amaze, but it definitely gets down to Creeper business. It is true to the original concept, without trying to be elevated-anything. Also Monterey and Reading Porirua.

    FIRE OF LOVE - When you see the jaw-dropping footage Katia Krafft and her husband Maurice captured of volcanoes around the world, you'll understand why the two became obsessed with studying these natural phenomena. This new documentary from director Sara Dosa, largely uses Katia and Maurice's own archival work to craft a mesmerizing account of their love affair with volcanos and each other. Also Lighthouse Petone.

    HIT THE ROAD - Panah Panahi's miraculous debut is fueled by the growing suspicion that its characters have taken a major detour away from our mortal coil at some point along the way. Its a beautifully tender comedy that tears your heart in half with a featherlight touch - a film that swerves between tragedy and gallows humor with the expert control of a stunt driver, and knowingly sabotages all of its most crushing moments with a deadpan joke. Also Lighthouse.

    u p c o m i n g   f i l m s
    Sep 29 Readings
    SMILE Sep 29 Readings
    THE VILLA Sep 29 Penthouse
    MILLIE LIES LOW Sep 29 Lighthouse
    LYLE, LYLE, CROCODILE Oct 06 Readings
    DON'T WORRY DARLING Oct 06 Penthouse
    AMSTERDAM Oct 06 Lighthouse
    HALLOWEEN ENDS Oct 13 Readings
    THE GOOD BOSS Oct 13 Penthouse
    BLACK ADAM Oct 20 Readings
    MRS HARRIS GOES TO PARIS Oct 20 Lighthouse


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