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  • The Wellington Film Society, 6.15pm Monday 21 October at the Embassy, GIRL ASLEEP (Rosemary Myers, Australia 2015).
    Winner of the Adelaide Film Festival Audience Award for Most Popular Feature, this is the sparkling filmmaking debut of Windmill Theatre artistic director Rosemary Myers, and adapted from their acclaimed 2014 stage production. It's a wonderfully eccentric modern fairytale of female adolescence. Days before her 15th birthday, Greta Driscoll (a remarkable Bethany Whitmore) transfers to a new school. As if that isn't bad enough, her parents not only decide to throw her a party, they invite all her new classmates - including new best friend Elliot and the trio of mean girls determined to make her life a misery. Escaping to her bedroom, Greta falls asleep and slips down the rabbit hole into a subconscious forest full of absurd, oddly familiar and terrifying visions. Can she find her way back to herself? - Melbourne IFF 2015.
    Anyone can join the Film Society at any time on line.

  • Film Festivals to note:
  • Hungarian Film Festival 2019. Roxy 21 - 25 October. Bookings available now.
  • Terror-Fi Film Festival 2019. Roxy 31 October - 3 November. Scroll down the website for the list of films, bookings now available.
  • Cinema Italiano Festival. Empire 6 - 14 November. The programme is available as a .pdf on the website, but doesn't appear to be printable as a booklet. Classic films include 8 1/2 and Fellini's Roma. Tickets available now on the Empire website.
  • British Film Festival. Penthouse and Lighthouse Petone 30 October - 13 November. Choose your cinema for the schedule that suits you. Movies from recent film festivals to favourites from the past.
  • If your festival is not listed here, please advise the Cinemaster

  • The Nga Taonga Sound and Vision cinema has closed. Archive employees have moved to office space within the National Library building on Molesworth Street and are looking at alternative screening venues to bring their work to Wellington audiences.

    This site relies on the various cinemas having their own websites up to date to access their screening times. The paragraphs describing the films starting this week are in most cases adapted from the linked reviews.

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    s t a r t s   t h i s   w e e k!

    MALEFICIENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL - Despite all its star-power, Maleficent 2 runs out of narrative steam before the halfway mark. The main problem is that the film gradually collapses, as if in a sort of storytelling entropy, into a final battle - like an awful lot of MCU movies. What began as a visceral contest of personalities, with actors given interesting or funny things to say or do, becomes a big CGI warfare scene: a clash of digitally created armies making for a big ho-hum spectacle. Also Empire, Readings, Monterey and Coastlands.

    ZOMBIELAND: DOUBLE TAP - This begins ten years after the first film and boy does it show as some of our cast is looking a little rough and our group is still wandering around aimlessly scavenging for supplies that have had to have gone bad by this time period but don't ask too many questions about the plot. It doesn't take long to figure out that the writers had nothing for this movie. Also Penthouse, Empire, Roxy, Lighthouse, Readings, Monterey and Coastlands.

    JUDY - Director Rupert Goold and resurgent star Renee Zellweger have pulled off something unusual and affecting in this biographical portrait of Judy Garland in which performer and subject meet halfway, illuminating something of each other in the process. Zellweger plays Garland, with palpable affection and feeling, as one who's been over the rainbow and back again. Aso Lighthouse and Shoreline.

    PHOTOGRAPH - Patient viewers who enjoy deeply felt films that take their sweet (in a good way) time to tell a small, human and relatable story should find writer-director Ritesh Batra's Mumbai-set romance a lovely, charming and gently transporting journey. Also Lighthouse Petone and Shoreline.

    RIDE LIKE A GIRL - This inspirational true story from Australian horse racing is a crowd pleaser. It's got something for everyone: the sports angle, the Melbourne Cup, a country-mouse who roared, a loving father, a doting daughter, horses, Cups, broken bones, broken hearts, passion and glamour. And it's got Sam Neil! Advance screenings this weekend. Also Lighthouse, Monterey and Coastlands.

    THE KING - How well this moody (and moodily-lit) story will translate to Netflix is anyone's guess - watch it in a dark room for full effect - but on any-sized screen, it's a historical piece that defies expectation and offers both the thrills of battle and a thoughtful critique of war and imperialism. Also Monterey.

    u p c o m i n g   f i l m s
    JOJO RABBIT Oct 24 Readings
    RIDE LIKE A GIRL Oct 24 Readings
    ZOMBILAND: DOUBLE TAP Oct 24 Lighthouse
    TERMINATOR: DARK FATE Oct 31 Readings
    MIDSOMMER Oct 31 Lighthouse
    OFFICIAL SECRETS Oct 31 Penthouse
    HILLARY: OCEAN TO SKY Oct 31 Lighthouse
    BELLBIRD Nov 07 Penthouse


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