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  • We are in Covid-19 Level 2, which means the country is gradualy getting back to normal. Cinemas are now able open - but with distancing rules. Some will remain closed until Hollywood starts releasing new films, but some have returned. Opening this week is the Roxy. Remember: You Gotta Wash Your Hands!.

  • The Wellington Film Society's screenings are still suspended. With audiences averaging over 300 prior to lockdown, it will remain closed until the Ministry of Health advises that it is safe to resume. Anyone can still join the Film Society at any time on line.

  • Film Festivals to note:
  • The 2020 Doc Edge Film Festival will be online this year, from 12 June -5 July. Details of the programme is now available.
  • The NZ International Film Festival 2020 this year also will be online. From 24 July -2 August, you will be able to screen the NZIFF programme at home. This includes the typically world-class curated films, NZ film premieres, virtual red-carpet events, filmmaker QandAs, special 'one-off' events, and NZIFF-exclusive films that won't have other NZ screenings. Full information on the programme and further details on viewing films online will be announced on Monday 22 June.

    This site relies on the various cinemas having their own websites up to date to access their screening times. The paragraphs describing the films starting this week are in most cases adapted from the linked reviews.

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    s t a r t s   t h i s   w e e k!

    THE ASSISTANT - The first great movie about Me Too. Whenever Jane (Julia Garner) has to write an apology email to her boss, the other assistants in the room reflexively come up behind her to suggest wording. It's a ritual of abasement to which they've obviously become accustomed. Jane, on the other hand, is still learning the ropes at the New York film company.That the man Jane is working under is a stand-in for Harvey Weinstein is understood. What makes the film such a spare but searingly insightful treatment of the issues at the core of Me Too is the way it refuses to separate its unseen executive's sexual predation from the larger structures that enable it. Advanvce screenings this weekend. Also Lighthouse.

    BAIT - One of the defining British films of the decade. Cornish film-maker Mark Jenkin's breakthrough feature is a thrillingly adventurous labour of love - a richly textured, rough-hewn gem in which form and content are perfectly combined. A refreshingly authentic tale of tensions between locals and tourists in a once-thriving fishing village, it's an evocative portrait of familiar culture clashes in an area where traditional trades and lifestyles are under threat. Also Lighthouse, Monterey and Shoreline.

    MARIANNE AND LEONARD - Leonard Cohen's muse gets her due in this lovely documentary. Marianne Ihlen, a young Norwegian woman met Cohen in the early '60s on the Greek isle of Hydra. Leonard was a poet and novelist, Marianne a young mother with a rocky marriage. He thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen; she didn't agree, but they fell in love and she became the muse who inspired songs like So Long, Marianne and Bird on the Wire. From the NZIFF. Also Lighthouse Petone.

    THE LAST FULL HERO - Investigation an unheralded war hero. At its core this is a poignant reevaluation of gallantry and of how survivor's guilt impacts those veterans whose lives were spared. It's not without its flaws, and director Todd Robinson's wobbly narrative bears much of the blame, but its emotional resonance will stay with you long afterward.

    u p c o m i n g   f i l m s
    GREYHOUND Jun 11 Lighthouse
    TENET Jun 16 Event
    LOVE SARAH Jun 25 Penthouse
    MULAN Jul 23 Penthouse
    WONDER WOMAN 1984 Aug 13 Event
    A QUIET PLACE PART II Aug 20 Event


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