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  • The Wellington Film Society, Embassy 6.15pm on Monday 22 July:
  • HEATHERS Thomas Lehmann | USA | 1988.
    This is not pretty in pink, all pompoms and puppy love, but bodacious in black, chalkboard noir, the dark side of the wonder years. A cracked satire of the teen genre, it's slangy, 'raunchy and gutsy as a prom date with Carrie. Caught somewhere between the numbing amorality of River's Edge and the heartfelt sap of John Hughes, it chides the pursuit of popularity as it tackles the thornier topic of teen-age suicide. More than just one of the best movies so far this year, it is a revolution in young-adult entertainment. - Rita Kempley, Washington Post.
  • Members only. Memberships available at any time on line, and pick up the membership card at a screening.

  • Film Festivals to note:
  • NZIFF Wellington 31 July - 11 August: Embassy, Roxy and Light House Cuba only. The programe can be found on the website and in brochures that are all around the place. Bookings open on line and at the box office in Allen Street.
  • If you have a festival due to run in Wellington and it's not listed here, contact the Cinemaster.

    This site relies on the various cinemas having their own websites up to date to access their screening times. The paragraphs describing the films starting this week are in most cases adapted from the linked reviews.

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    LONGLEGS - Writer-director Osgood Perkins' serial killer chiller fully acknowledges a debt to The Silence of the Lambs in this chronicle of a young female rookie agent pulled into the FBI manhunt for a killer wiping out entire families. But the movie is also its own freaky trip, a darkly disturbing experience pulsing with an evil that's unrelenting in its subcutaneous creepiness. Season proper. Also Roxy, Queengate, Monterey, Reading and Coastlands.

    DIVERTIMENTO - She was a migrant and a misfit, but her musical passion was undeniable. One of the few female conductors of worldwide renown, Zahia Ziouani's inspiring story is all true. French director Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar rewinds to the mid-90s to show us the metaphoric mountain Zahia and her sister doggedly climbed in their teens - and the passion that drove them to reach the peak. From the French Film Festival. Also Lighthouse and Shoreline.

    HORIZON: AN AMERICAN SAGA, CHAPTER 1 - With his first feature in 21 years, Kevin Costner has come up with a western of the breed John Ford made in the 1940s and 50s: earnest, stately and - even in the face of dire odds - humane and hopeful; full of crisply drawn characters and wide landscapes golden with promise, and without a crumb of cynicism in sight. ANd it's just te first chapter! Also Lighthouse, Queensgate, Coastlands and Shoreline.

    HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS BEFORE GRAMDNA DIES - This heartwarming Thai drama takes viewers on an emotional journey, skillfully paced and directed by Pat Boonnitipat to create a profound impact. It's strength lies in its ability to resonate with audiences on a personal level.

    STING - This might be only a low-budge spider movie, but it looks great. It's nice too that the spider isn't a CGI effect but an admirably tactile mix of 3D mechanics and puppetry. In this devotion to detail and old-school practical effects, there's a sense of joy in the telling, and in a talented young director Kiah Roache-Turner worthy of a bigger playing field.

    u p c o m i n g   f i l m s
    DEADPOOL + WOLVERIINE Jul 25 Reading
    MR BLAKE AT YOUR SERVICE Jul 25 Penthouse
    THE FABULOUS FOUR Aug 01 Penthouse
    THE EDGE OF THE BLADE Aug 01 Lighthouse
    BORDERLANDS Aug 08 Reading
    IT ENDS WITH US Aug 08 Reading
    TRAP Aug 08 Penthouse
    BOOKWORM Aug 08 Lighthouse
    BLINK TWICE Aug 08 Penthouse
    ALIEN: ROMULUS Aug 15 Reading
    GHOSTLIGHT Aug 15 Penthouse


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