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  • The Wellington Film Society, 6.15pm Monday 26 September at the Paramount: GRAND CENTRAL (Rebecca Zlotowski, France 2013).
    Fast-rising French star Lea Seydoux reunites with director Rebecca Zlotowski for this intense love triangle played out in and around a nuclear power plant. Gary (Tahar Rahim) arrives at the plant looking to score some danger pay. He gets it, finding maintenance work close to the reactor itself - and inevitably exposing himself to low levels of radiation. But the real danger comes in the form of his attraction to Karole (Sedoux), who also works at the plant, alongside her fiance Toni (Denis Menochet). Shooting in a real, billion-dollar Austrian plant that was completed shortly before that country voted to ban nuclear power in a national referendum, Zlotowski is careful to ground her melodrama in the everyday operations of this clinical, antiseptic environment. She draws a stark contrast between this industrial space and the lush countryside that surrounds it, where the tight-knit workers can let their hair down and enjoy themselves - but she's also alert to the wider complexities and ironies implicit in this set up, and especially the ramifications of Gary and Karole's illicit love affair. - Vancouver International Film Festival, 2013.
    Members only. You can join on line, or at the cinema before the screening starts..

  • Nga Taonga Sound and Vision. At the Mediatheatre till Saturday, the German Film Festival 2016. Admission is free - no bookings - arrive early to secure seats on the day. Check out Nga Taonga's calendar of screenings and events.

  • Film Festivals to note:
  • Polish Film Festival 2016 Paramount, 30 September - 9 October. The schedule is now available on their website. Tickets available now.
  • Show Me Shorts Film Festival 2016 Embassy, 13-26 October.<.br> The programme has been announced. Check it out on line - and book your tickets.
  • If your festival is not listed here, please advise the Cinemaster

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    s t a r t s   t h i s   w e e k!

    CHRONESTHESIA - The film is slick, engaging and heartwarming, and if you didn't know that it was produced with a crew of two/three on no budget and shot over weekends around full-time jobs and unpredictable Wellington weather, it'd be easy to assume it was a big budget production with a sizeable team behind it. This a thoroughly enjoyable movie and a big success for not only New Zealand cinema at large but also local independent filmmaking. Highly recommended. From the NZIFF.

    CAPTAIN FANTASTIC - Ben is a survivalist who home-schools his six children in a yurt in a pristine Pacific Northwest forest, far from the corrupting influences of contemporary society. Played by a bearded Viggo Mortensen in the performance of his career in Matt Ross' terrific film, this off-the-grid dad gives the kids hunting knives as presents for the family's version of Christmas, activist Noam Chomsky's birthday. This isn't only one of the year's best movies, but one of the best cast and best acted, right down to the smaller roles. From the NZIFF. Also Lighthouse.

    STORKS - Directors Nicholas Stoller, who also wrote the screenplay, and Doug Sweetland, have taken an idea full of possibilities and turned it into a noisy, manic adventure bereft of wit. Cute babies in every color of the rainbow and a couple of funny wolves (voiced by Key and Peele) whose primal instincts are overcome by maternal ones are about all this has going for it. It may be fine for young children, but adults can count their blessings at a chuckle or two. Also Readings, Queensgate, Monterey and Coastlands.

    DON'T BREATHE - A trapped-in-a-house thriller pitting thieves against an unexpectedly resourceful victim, this lean and mean pic offers scares aplenty and at least a couple of game-changing twists. It should fare well at the multiplex, where its appeal isn't limited to buffs who make horror films their bread and butter. Charismatic character actor Stephen Lang plays an unnamed Blind Man, a vet living in a large house in an otherwise abandoned Detroit neighborhood. Good place for a break-in, especially if you suspect, as the trio of thieves do, that he has a few hundred thousand dollars socked away in there. Also Readings and Queensgate.

    u p c o m i n g   f i l m s
    THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN (2016) Sep 29 Readings
    Sep 29 Readings
    THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY Sep 29 Penthouse
    THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN Oct 06 Readings
    DEEPWATER HORIZON Oct 06 Readings
    INFERNO Oct 13 Readings
    THE CLAN Oct 13 Paramount
    GOLDEN YEARS Oct 13 Penthouse
    THE FOUNDER Nov 24 Lighthouse


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