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  • The Wellington Film Society will commence its 2018 season at the Embassy, 6.15pm, on Monday 26 February with BRAZIL- the Director's cut (Terry Gilliam, UK, 1984). Terry Gilliam and Sam Lowry - two impossible dreamers haplessly lashing out against the powers that be - are the twin heroes of Brazil, one behind the camera and the other before it. The behind the scenes narrative of this dystopian masterpiece has attained mythic status, with Gilliam locked in heated battle against Universal over their insistence on a more audience-friendly cut of the film, all while the fate of put-upon office drone Lowry (played with beleaguered bafflement by Jonathan Pryce) hangs in the balance... Under these conditions, there's a very thin line between getting imaginative and getting mad, so it's little wonder Gilliam followed a similar path to his protagonist. Brazil, among the most fantastically dark and detail-rich science fiction flicks ever, was - and remains - a visionary work worth fighting for. - Tristan Johnson, Cine-File. Anyone can join, so do it now, on line.

  • Nga Taonga Sound and Vision. In the Main Cinema until 17 February: Paul Murphy's LOVE BIRDS (NZ 2011). As always, check out Nga Taonga's calendar of screenings for details.

  • Film Festivals to note:
  • French Film Festival 2018. Embassy 7 - 28 March. The programme has now been launched. Check the website for details. Or pick up a brochure, you'll find there are 38 films to choose from!
  • If your festival is not listed here, please advise the Cinemaster

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    s t a r t s   t h i s   w e e k!

    BLACK PANTHER - The latest big-screen superhero story is a subversive and uproarious action-adventure, in which African stereotypes are upended and history is rewritten. Director Ryan Coogler and co-screenwriter Joe Robert Cole tackle the superheroes of colour question with this surreal and uproarious movie version of Marvel's Black Panther legend, in which the sheer enjoyment of everyone involved pumps the movie with fun. It's an action-adventure origin myth which plays less like a conventional superhero film and more like a radical Brigadoon or a delirious adventure by Jules Verne or Edgar Rice Burroughs. Also Empire, Roxy, Readings, Lighthouse, Monterey and Coastlands.

    LADY BIRD - A sweet, deeply personal portrayal of female adolescence that's more attuned to the bonds between girlfriends than casual flings with boys, writer-director Greta Gerwig's beautiful film flutters with the attractively loose rhythms of youth. Anchored by an expressive mother-daughter story in which unconditional love and enmity often seem one and the same, and elevated by an entrancing Saoirse Ronan, Gerwig's accomplished second directorial effort makes you wish she'd spend more time behind the camera. Also Penthouse, Empire, Roxy, Lighthouse, Reading Courtenay, Monterey, Coastlands and Shoreline.

    ERIC CLAPTON: LIFE IN 12 BARS - Outside of Clapton's own 2007 memoir, his story's never been told as well as it is in director Lili Fini Zanuck's documentary. Zanuck had access to an astonishingly thorough archive of photos, films and audio and illustrates Clapton's darkest days with shocking immediacy. Unlike most rock docs, this isn't a look back from a distance. It's like living through one man's pain. Advance screenings this weekend.

    u p c o m i n g   f i l m s
    FINDING YOUR FEET Feb 22 Lighthouse
    THE PARTY Feb 22 Penthouse
    GAME NIGHT Feb 22 Readings
    WINCHESTER Mar 01 Readings
    RED SPARROW Mar 01 Penthouse
    A FANTASTIC WOMAN Mar 01 Lighthouse
    Mar 01 Penthouse
    INSIDIOUS: THE LAST KEY Mar 08 Readings
    THE LEISURE SEEKER Mar 08 Penthouse
    THE MERCY Mar 08 Lighthouse
    KOBI Mar 08 Lighthouse
    TOMB RAIDER Mar 15 Readings
    THE DEATH OF STALIN Mar 15 Penthouse


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