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  • The Wellington Film Society will return on Monday 6 March at the Paramount with a rare screening of a 35mm print of INCENDIES (Denis Villeneuve, Canada/France, 2010).
    A staggering political drama that could put you in mind of the intimate sweep of Bernardo Bertolucci, this feels like a mighty movie in our midst. The film seems sprung from a different era - the gloriously bold early '70s - or perhaps an alien studio system. The dislocation fits the material perfectly: Denis Villeneuve's family drama, based on a much chattier play by Wajdi Mouawad, takes place in a fictional Middle East country a lot like Lebanon... In Villeneuve's hands, we're delivered to revelatory terror: A fierce honor killing is eclipsed by a masterfully mounted siege on a Muslim bus by Christian soldiers. Quieter moments of personal reckoning carry explosive weight - to reveal more is to strip the film of its sad wisdom. The country may not exist, but the tale's truth is everywhere. - Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York.
    Members only. Brochures are available all over town. Join anytime on line.

  • Nga Taonga Sound and Vision. Screening in the Main Cinema: Saturday at 4.30pm, the final screening of Hayden J Weal's CHRONESTHESIA [now called LOVE AND TIME TRAVEL for international release] (NZ 2016). The Kiwi Music Film Festival also concludes this week. Check out Nga Taonga's calendar of screenings and events for details.

  • Film Festivals to note:
  • French Film Festival 2017 Embassy, 1 - 22 March. The full programme is now available on their website.
  • NZ International Film Festival 2017. Embassy, Paramount, etc. 28 July-13 August. Keep these dates free.
  • If your festival is not listed here, please advise the Cinemaster

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    s t a r t s   t h i s   w e e k!

    T2 TRAINSPOTTING - Danny Boyle's film is everything one could reasonably have hoped for - scary, funny, desperately sad, with many a bold visual flourish. What began as a zeitgeisty outlaw romp in the Uncool Britannia of the 1990s is now reborn as a scabrous and brutal black comedy about middle-aged male disappointment and fear of death. It is a little too long and unwinds a bit into caper sentimentality, broad comedy and self-mythologising. But it has the same punchy energy, the same defiant pessimism, and there's nothing around like it. This sequel was a high-wire act, but Boyle has made it to the other side. Also Penthouse, Empire, Roxy, Lighthouse, Monterey, Reading Porirua and Coastlands.

    FIST FIGHT - Charlie Day is a schoolteacher who has to fight fellow instructor Ice Cube in Richie Keen's comedy. The movie is funnier and more colorful than its flat moniker suggests, and when that dreaded rumble finally arrives, it involves much more than fists. It's last act grows more enjoyable by the minute, observing as the teacher stands up not just to his tormentor but to everyone else who might want to demean him. Whatever punishment he has to take after that 3 p.m. bell rings, at least he is no longer accused of that ultimate big-screen sin: being a wuss. Also Reading Porirua.

    RINGS - Fans of the Ring franchise may have heard that this, arriving a dozen years after the series' most recent installment, is justifying this comeback as a format change. Well, someone should have told the screenwriters - who, instead of making it feel cutting-edge, have delivered a 100-minute holding pattern, tidying up the narrative house in anticipation of a reboot that will actually explore this whole inter-net thing. That's assuming, of course, that there's still an audience left after this dull installment. Also Coastlands.

    u p c o m i n g   f i l m s
    DENIAL Mar 02 Penthouse
    LOGAN Mar 02 Readings
    ALONE IN BERLIN Mar 02 Penthouse
    KONG: SKULL ISLAND Mar 09 Readings
    A STREET CAT NAMED BOB Mar 09 Lighthouse
    THE INNOCENTS Mar 16 Lighthouse
    GARY OF THE PACIFIC Mar 16 Readings
    LOVING Mar 16 Penthouse
    THE MUSIC OF STRANGERS Mar 16 Lighthouse
    BEFORE I FALL Mar 16 Paramount
    TRESSPASS AGAINST US Mar 16 Lighthouse
    BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Mar 23 Readings
    ONE THOUSAND ROPES Mar 23 Lighthouse
    AQUARIUS Mar 30 Lighthouse
    THE BOSS BABY Apr 06 Readings
    THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Apr 06 Penthouse
    THE SALESMAN Apr 06 Lighthouse


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